Machine Knitting


Why should I consider this machine?

  1. Very economical
  2. Easy to learn, easy to use
  3. Ideal for the beginner to experienced machine knitter
  4. Uses nearly all types of hand knitting yarns, as well as coned yarns
  5. High quality plastic bed
  6. Lightweight, yet sturdy & durable
  7. Holds its value, therefore has a high resale value
  8. Compact and portable, easy to carry & store
  9. It's really fun!!


The Studio LK150 is a very versatile knitting machine that will knit a wide range of yarns, including 4-ply fingering, double knitting, knitting worsted, aran and even chunky! This means that it's possible to use nearly all hand knitting yarns, as well as coned yarns, on this knitting machine.

The plastic bed consists of 150 roller capped needles for quiet & smooth operation. Please, don't be misled by the term, "plastic". This is a very durable, versatile machine, also making it lightweight and portable. Just clamp the machine a table and you're ready to knit!

Unlike other knitting machines, the LK150 comes complete with all of the tools necessary for easy use. These include - three transfer tools, a tappet tool (latch hook), three cast-on combs, two needle pushers, two clamps, two claw weights, Auto Tension yarn feeder system (antennas), two spare needles, oil, gauge scale, two yarn rests, ravel cord, tapestry needle and a row counter. Studio also includes a very good DVD and manual that give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set up, cast on, cast off and use of the tools that come with the machine, so that you can enjoy your knitting machine to its fullest potential.

All pattern stitches are selected manually, using either your fingers or comb-shaped needle selectors, which are included with the machine. Some of the stitches that are possible on the LK150 are: stockinette, tuck (one or two color), slip (one or two color), Fairisle, plating, garter, moss, cable, lace, open work, cording, rib, cables, as well as many more.

Another benefit of owning this machine is the ability to knit part of your garment by hand and part by machine. Let the speed of the machine do the 'boring' knitting for you, and then do the interesting knitting by hand, or vice versa. The possibilities are endless for those with imagination and creativity.

The LK150 produces a truly hand knit look, with the speed of 150 needles. Scroll down to see pictures of what this machine is capable of knitting.



50 NEEDLE EXTENSION KITS - multiple extensions may be added, as desired

Please note: In compliance with COVID-19 isolation measures and non-essential business closures, our Machine Knitters Monthly Club sessions have been postponed until further notice.

Five 3-hour Sessions
Cost:  $250 (Price Includes in Class Knitting and Hand Outs)
Dates & Times: (choose one of two options) 

Session 1:  Wednesday, February 19/20 from 10 am – 1 pm
Session 2:  Wednesday, March 25/20 from 10 am – 1 pm
Sessions 3-5: in April, May & June – TBD
Session 1:  Saturday, February 22/20 from 10 am – 1 pm
Session 2:  Saturday, March 28/20 from 10 am – 1 pm
Sessions 3-5: in April, May & June – TBD

Teacher:  Janet
Join Janet and be a part of this Club exclusive to Machine Knitters. Knitters can expect to be exposed to numerous new stitches and techniques in hand manipulation, machine patterning, bindings, trims and finishing techniques. Each square knits up quickly and easily on the LK150 knitting machine. By the end of the sessions, students will have completed many knit squares showcasing what they have learned and it is recommended assembling them to create a beautiful throw highlighting the varying new stitches.
We are pleased to offer all participants a 15% discount when they purchase sufficient yarn from London Yarns to complete this on-going project.  Students may choose multiple colours or a solid shade throughout. 
All of the stitch techniques learned can be combined and transferred to many other aspects of your knitting!   Use your newly mastered stitches (or combinations thereof) in garments, baby blankets or home décor items or to create scarves, wraps, sweater panel designs and/or afghan panels.  The possibilities are limitless! 

This “get-together” for machine knitters will encourage “Show & Tell” and will be an outlet for machine knitters to share their projects, ideas, and questions.
You will be knitting samples of the new stitches or techniques right in class, and should questions arise from the group, they will be addressed at the next session.  EVEN IF you were unable to attend one of the sessions you will still receive all of the hand-out materials!
Rated:  All Machine Knitters
Pre-Requisite:  Basic Knowledge of the LK150

Click on the links below to view the "Tranquility Throws". They are knit entirely on the LK150 knitting machine, including the border!

Tranquility Throw 1Tranquility Throw 2Tranquility Throw 3

Patterns for Machine Knitters
personally designed & written by Janet and/or Judy

To purchase any of the pattern shown below,
please visit London Yarns Ravelry page.


Cozy Cables & Braids Throw

Two Size Options:
Medium – Finished Size:  Approx. 48" wide and 61" long, excluding tassels or fringe.
Large – Finished Size:  Approx. 48" wide and 72" long, excluding tassels or fringe.
Requires:  2000 – 2400 mtrs of worsted weight yarn and the pattern offers two finishing options of either tassels or a fringe.

To purchase this pattern, please call London Yarns at 519-474-0403

Cozy Cables Headband

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.

Cushion Covers

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.


Feather & Fan Scarf

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.

Felted Mittens on the LK150

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.


The Lace & Cable Fascinator

A word from Janet about this pattern ...

"I have chosen to call this latest project a “Fascinator” simply because the process of knitting it is simply “fascinating”! The finished item can be used in several ways: a scarf, a table runner (as shown), a dresser scarf, or even a shawl. Knitters will learn many new techniques to add to their machine knitting repertoire, including a layered crochet hem, lattice cables, Celtic knots, creating patterns using tension, and several variations where lace and cable techniques are combined together. Any of the stitches and techniques mastered in this pattern can be used for future projects in countless ways. As well, the decorative edging that surrounds it."

The Lace & Cable Fascinator pattern is very well-written using both charts & words. While knitting this ‘Fascinator’, you will learn skills & techniques that will carry over into other projects, as well as a variety of stitches.

You begin with Crochet Ridges Edging, then move onto Lattice Cable. Next you will knit the Flower Lace Pattern and progress onto the Celtic Knots section. After that you knit the body of the Fascinator using Zig Zag Lace & Diamond Motifs with 2 distinct styles of cable running up the centre of the diamonds & alternating.

Knit in one piece with each end mirroring the other, this Fascinator will dress up any table decor. Or make it longer (instructions provided) and wear it as beautiful scarf to dress up your coat!

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.



Loopy Headband

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.


Mittens on the LK150

To purchase this pattern, please call London Yarns at 519-474-0403

Poncho with Pizzazz

One Size:  36" wide and 24" in length from shoulder
& requires 1400 mtrs of worsted weight yarn

To purchase this pattern, please call London Yarns at 519-474-0403

Socks on the LK150

This pattern book gives you step-by-step instructions for you complete a pair of socks on the LK150 knitting machine. The pattern is written to fit a woman's size 7, but gives helpful instructions for alternate sizes, including a Sock Sizing Chart that ranges from newborn up to and including a Men's size 12 and a bonus Christmas Stocking!

The sock pattern features a Ribbed Cuff, a Short Row Heel & Short Row Toe shaping. The sock is knit flat and then seamed along one side. Use self-pattering yarns, solids, heathers or knit the cuff, heal & toe in contrasting colours to make your own, unique, comfortable Socks.

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.



Summer Flowers Shawl

This triangle shawl is knit in two separate, yet identical pieces
that are joined onto a centre panel, all done on the machine.

Requires 800 mtrs of Fingering Weight Yarn

To purchase this pattern, please call London Yarns at 519-474-0403

Tuck Stitch Baby Blanket

The pattern booklet contains instructions for both double knitting and worsted weight yarns, with one or two colour options and, as well, finishing with a Duffy Cabled edging.

To purchase this pattern, please call London Yarns at 519-474-0403

Vase Cozies on the LK150

To purchase this pattern, please visit our Ravelry page.


We will continue to post new Machine Knitting Patterns as they become available.